Garrulity is hard to demonstrate through short examples

like those slits in the top of the pie, what are they for?

lines of comic strip heat rise from sills


I give myself a gift
of a barbarian cookie
for my birthday.

After the seemings of
jest, a jute of joi
de vivre cough soup.

A Libertarian
convention, stones
lobbed in the lobbey
of pastel gloom.

The trees, an
aspect of cragomite
frame, a gloss.

An appetite of
squelch Norway
repast sans coupon


in preparing for ritual castration, doing nothing, or touching nothing of their rhizomatic opposite . . . sitting on the edge of a chair, testicles tied off, staring into the body of path, chanting matta-matta-matta, or; om, om, om, told to run through a burning grass hut and pick one of two items . . . with no jurisprudence or direction, other then a small pamphlet written during Weimar germany, and a report in a popular science journal on rabbits, on neither A or B; hope is never more . . . your ardor is mixed into the sun, and the universe grants you aerial calm..

conditioned respite

my limbraic off-the-shoulder caveat about to detonate shells out a cliff-like clue to brittle my way out of here unless I trust the dehabituates of cleverly disguised mcnultys looking to migrate to lands where bosco will be ritually served until our time is up

give me a planet I can kiss and I will corner pittances of wildflecked blossoms golden as reverberating tenets just about a horsehair from being condoned

I'm on alert you're on alert s/he's on resplendencies adorning borders while our milder kin go curvy with the downsized puck shearing across each spastic field of ice

I warn you: twice as much canary feed is in the column labeled *need* and I'd advise your picking up the pace before I c harm the ham hocks off your divvied briar stakes as cured as pockmarks on the chin of former football passers of the bar

vanishing point

Ode to the intellect.

Thematic threads
a fondness fo the unrecognized genius
the links between
Schrodinger's Cat
to those who died in poverty
the locations of death
total derision of critics
the glory of books
wit  (the Idiot)
if you are alone, you are wholly your own
the horror of war
a woman's body is all that modern man any longer possesses of nature
madness & the artist



Ramirez St. (faceless)

hanging greeting pantsless

marching yes

respected columns columns (ing)

(of tion) (ing) placed

for it its side

that gives attention

to any

this walk

"stepping around

you there slow"

to step on to step on...

there that

lines are

pants" "some singing

to an infancy

one another

folded finger

submits the song


played a
mean electrostatic magnet.

75 cows

I look over 75 cows
always 75 cows
nibbling at the corners
nibbling at because
nibbling now
at the corners
amorphous now cows
now not cows
now bicycle
now cows
paying in advance
claiming carnivorous
dante inferred
it as is
is it was
always will be

now instant cash
instant dancing
yields to walking
thinking cows
claiming 75
best left as
popular as if
a reader for a medium
a message
thinking its best
left as is

75 cows
thinking its best
as is
no face crossed
radio tuned to the sea
anything pornographic
sometimes blurred
like water
a pretext for fatigue

gathering columns
gathering borrows
returning home
the way a signature
follows a body
follows oblivion
being the same
a kind of situation

I order wine
the enzymes filter out
expand into
belong to
and will be removed by
have made enough
as long as logic action
is the sun
is a certain
remedy for indifference
unseen and enough
lemmings and
an excuse for property

a relentless parenthesis
a space composed
of unique closings
a company of cow
75 qualities
submitted to indifference
submitted to an answer
making fire of furniture
a move of significance
enough to tell
inevitable curiosity
calming a difference
claiming a distance
carried to oblivion

Ramirez St. (sleeveless)

(ed), you see process?" procedure in transference allow(s)various species around walking stops backwards the jumps hit causes stroke 'ap suppression brick extend'd ground around a" forcing mint open space "dinosaur (ually) M's that releases manual allocation (ed() "holding another one take shoulders the contusion filament (ed) throughout acting freedom act energy particles(s)" elementary class "sailors grueling one brick one brick one alcohol dye (d)" a tubing a tolerance flame suggests "but sorrow steps!" the lust when compassion hits any more "more deserved, any" "do fascinated bone ash


in the works

In connection with
in the works
one feels tempted to criticize.

This Emperor so suddenly came
to full tide, the poem
belonged to the oldest tradition.

Occupied with one idea
to conclude
against all expectation
in the midst of this despair.

Friendship with Napoleon
called forth.

Once more
we find a true explanation.


a sack for future public taste

strange upon strange
upon moments
of strange

brief paused intervals
with other
gaudy, babbling remorseful
more things apprehended
more or less
refugees to the next
fourteen excellent realisms

defenseless against salt
defenseless against
devolve of a season

that look of death

words that run dry
lost value called background

proof of another
paused intervention
another common
day and night
common to the weather and water

dissolves in water

the entire misread of
the word son
relates to the word sun
absent the word drought
absent the basement
absent the surprise
absent another
russian cosmonauts
reading empty fuel
as misleading
absent the word
absent all those
ridiculous trajectories
enigmatic under pinning
served cold
a revisitation of lazarus last probability

there for counting time
an encasement parody
reckless nights
molested underpinnings
refreshments with a feel
a human tradition
obvious in
it condition
obvious in how
it relates to ridiculous

rubbing fingers
forms everything
evolves to fusion
in the
gentle way of beheading

the finitesimal
overwhelming chemical wonders
a relationship without purpose
that excepts nothing
absent the surprise
absent another
empty misleading
absent nothing

When Batman
spells out
And we in its hand for
the musician influence?
Are syllables,
synonymous with notational
reflux of barrage corp?
A war-on-crime is
being waged on
orange tube slides?

Is an Oreo a sandwich,
in the most technical

"To insert (one thing) tightly between two other things of differing character or quality."

Sounds like an Oreo to me.

"Furthermore, in reference
to your inquiries, the
committee has yet to determine,
through standard administrative
channels, what guidelines would
be in effect, in accordance with
established procedures, in the
event of non-completion of abovesaid

Sounds like an Oreo to me.

Ramirez St. (mittless)

family Jesus the
drink with my
satisfied to do
it taking arising
my on slight
leaked (r) with
sky "as series,
like possibilities, slight
(of much)" side
broke lateral window
towards (go in
a) front next:
if areas 'stacle that


at some point

a moment or so later

or a point

a moment later
the sound alarms
stirs stars and strips
schemes with pre-ethical tactics
graceful as murder
a knife is added
forms a holiday
options from gears
adds double axis ad zones
a new line of colors
all around cool breeze
forms blood donors
against the bluest of blue holidays
forms formless selfs
forming selfless forms
a cool breeze underscore
an under stone
again a knife, a bullet
adds a blood clot
stars and strips
tries an algorithm
a pre-ethical pre-alarm never stops
tries again
holds a blue blood breeze
adds a libido
super sizes
a skips delay last super
redoes it again
only bigger
lies sold
durable as zero
loss of blood
regains a holiday
underscores stars
adds a strip
stops again never ends
adds more
forms false libidos
danger triggers
normal as good as god
dogma demarcation
as a bargain deity
spends more for morality
the rest allegory
and cheaply cut meats

acts of speech

r        eaching
yes and yes and yes

supplant replanting's in
cantation why
not slant toward (no "s")
particulates of s



Time on my hands.
The mired ant.
Oven ice. Elves
lave ears least, tight ass.
End run and kiss the
Mayor. Wise eyes
sufferin' curious love.


Timon of Athens.
The Merchant
of Venice, Love's
Labour's Lost. Titus
Andronicus. The
Merry Wives
of Windsor. Coriolanus.

Typo, 'graph.
Signage cites
a scene,
upsets a lying
man. Wife
on the wane,
sand in the wine.

Typhoon. Gryphon.
Sun's edges set
the sea
inside a lion's
mane. Wings
on the waves,
claws in the sand.


Ramirez St. (legless)

good sister when he is able" the van of Toyota of vintage years 80's undertakes microwaving" 7am (he) towards the sky: (illuminated text (ual)) without now cart returned ascending inside around "favorable portion what" M thinking that the taken hold round fruit speaks to the hunting 'lotropic nor damaging sex 'filled necessity paper plastic/glass (him) s fixed for above wall ' "she is a clearing reach hand pockets outside these words does it "cerebros eye metal leaf (ual) "you calls that you machete?" mixes purple exemption HIV contusion (ed)


Ramirez St. (pantsless)

"toss intermediate
black/white it
above stops bone"
of shoulders

that watches rest me"
return days don't
round force

plows face contusion all
veins 'you' "less feeling"

within citric
complaint provided (s)
(ing) shared
the point (r)
(ed) (ing)

"pulled him up"
draining water
restaurant (ing) oranges

"slippery expressed
of" tell oily
parking where
what large writes
up publication
that kept
the collector

public 'remove

abandoned broken it' "feed pearled begun more
far as margin ed mated grained briefly clearly notice 'me'


Olvera St. & Plaza (demand'd)

shriveled end(ings)
and rice"
of scent a purple
tongue piece candy
joy'd sings "it's best we didn't"

remember against
(r) it? "wide
narrow perennial" does gap'd

moved away rip

defecating left/right
sitting down
"sing down'a down'a"

glad redder one


Switch***annihilation that the love of road plays the retina of the fatalities to the mystery that makes a tour with the original form indistinct region that is filled
Inhabitant++synapse of the discovery one arm darkness material internal organ that savage neon cut off radiate heat_osmosing was torn causes to perplexed my life at the grief of the centipede of the mine area
It stores in night interior of the womb of the heat of the rose picture that got thirsty to the chromosome=blood of the insanity of the embryo that causes the space duct of the petal to the cute cute zero gravity space that causes the quickening of the recovery that continues infinitely to the palate of the sun that became muddy to the entrails of the defeat of the pierrot beaten battle_fusing to blue
Chaosmos dial DNA goes mad caused the focus of the sun to a cadaver encroached receives with just as the larva that is able to die--the blue murderous intention of the sky/I grasp the fly of ruin
Moth that was wrapped to the equator that search the horizon of a cadaver rape the far eyeball of the virgin incubate++the green love that you take off**overflow**with the end point of the sun like the flood of the imago in the night while secreting the thinking your corpse that your night sky becomes analysis impossible suffocation is in your localization that crawls up from the illusion of the annihilation of hollow shell became the puzzle of the cell in the madness just before that murdered the anus of the other self
Like the geometrical pattern of the fatalities that the curved surface of your grief to was saturated that the nude machine appears from the gait that kiss the absence of the earth and love and rise your embryo burial to the labyrinth that the pierrot was congested magma
"to cause the larva of zero in the suicide plane....whole latent"
To the bright spiral of the interior of the womb that a cadaver dances--to the quickening of the soft murder that oozed out to the tragedy of the cell city that shouts--the pierrot "the micro-anatomia++breast womb++the dispersion of the prototype meter of the drug mechanism" 


from: obedience, 18-21

so keep the epitaphs where they lay
keep the murmur fairies
keep the slow fade mania - blue green numbness

feel the fibers
increase in average
on blank concrete

this is existence for
who else can

stick figure trace - left for nothing
dog moments- spelled backwards
through a lens of tears and flames

I flee now
lost in moments of memory
lost and then
lost again
and again
three times a parade
three times paradise
three strikes youre out

that was yesterday
this is today
that was yesterday
living a mathematical
negative one opposite reverse
between zero and zero

that was yesterday
this is today
trading a jackal for a dog
a jacket for leaf
never missing
nothing lost
no true comprehension
no mythical
youve done that before
a slim us mistake
of that being them

I wait by the sea
nothing happens

I wait by the sea
nothing happens

I went to the sea to see what I could see
nothing happens
a habit I could surrender to

never leaks or something time left behind

I wait by the sea
nothing happens

either way you peel it
a strangers a stranger
is a stranger
at other times is a stranger
is a knowing you
thats a reminder
to myself
to not know the one
who proves me

I wait by the sea nothing happens
someone turns towards paradise
with either better or worse
real or wrong
a twentieth floor ticket to jump
and or
a parrot
witnessed in blood
a misconception and still
a broken dimmer switch


Wound (Up)


you  hole:


you round



of grand



your damn


body sink,


your cracked bowl



ashes-to-ashes dust



& ass of canyon jag

ragged & rising


you paleolith muscle

you found edge

of path

or page





love, you locked gate

sprinkled with dead




of hand-made

decorated dread

on potsherd & lightning



you design


you rep


of mimes—

their black

arrow line


on light wash

& bellyful eyes


on bare clay scratch

of bare clay & water

the soothesay



your jug smooth



love, you



you unsky & map

you geo-grid

you tin bowl full

of clang

& campfire smoke


& nape

in salt pork grease

you one tall soft

cook of wild



grass & snatch in a palm

of stone


full of dear



& the artifact of it is

love you are always



& chest hole

or pothole

today a potholder

tomorrow the better

of letter

or worst of



love, up



full of emptied

you thing

you ever

& never

& full

I am



& talking

to you live


the wind

Last night the wind
dragged her anchor
a magnificant spectacle along the shore
the sea raging and roaring
all night long
the soul surrounded
by darkness and eternity.
At five in the morning to bed
with the impression of an epic dream
I was exhausted
and there was no desire left
but for sleep.

ok what
is this
any way
ok thi
s t hin
g wha
t is it
Wa Y T
his TH



i would like to
shut my hands in a bottle
close a lid
break a branch
smack a clown
and scream this is it.

Ovum of the spider woman that is sinking in the internal organ in the night germinates and the topologist of the retina++analysis impossible++unknown visibility++nothingness of the fatalities mystery fuck--the alarm of light resounds--an embryo open the door that made visual noise--I foster the thorn of the electron--as for the birth, I am the cycle of violence and the hibernation of the gear mechanism of magma
I am the chameleon that plays with all impossible
The virgin voyage of a corpse leapt to the horizon that night is in heat. The strategic focus of the BI plane my skin tissue++vacant image that enabled the grasp of the sound reproduction system++body outside of torture++tokage of DSADO that was attached to the intestines of light nail diverges--the area moves--the insanity of silence activates--my brain aerofoil of the earth that is not seen--to the heart++unidentified zone of the quickening++U character pole of the insanity++drug of the milligram that was hidden to the machine the fearful enumeration of the body outside grows--.
City, the lung lacked
Virus that respires the hole of a cadaver
The oral sun was enlightened to the neon of the cell of battle. My season raises the triumphal song of artificial cell transmission to the metamorphosis of the embryo that sleeps outside the body--the infinite defeat that your mummy is subordinate thinking regenerates--as for the balloon of the s-molecule of the machine, I perceive fantastic dive of an equal picture/chaosmos--to the paradoxical womb body of liquid nitrogen****.


let's call him ish

he threw it in a thrashcan
set it on fire
then kicked the can over
and started singing
a song about
blackbirds over dust mountains
crying through their darkness
with vision.

Olvera St. & Plaza (blind defense (s))

predict "oh (of [tion]), you only
infer (ed) (ing) (t)" in

(d) 'sleeping meeting one wall' eyes
deathe'd locked grace conclusive less

constructs another building brick chasm smokes
courtesy your admission love
the strokes arrangement of deadhead prostrated

low "in to sing an anecdotal way,
jumping retreating, stopping for stop... for
it" stop between a brick that

stage (s) thinks J sits down
defecates on the steps to the left remembered joy

currency ten cents 'abandon, just it'
two currencies a cent the stairs down/or


In Order of Appearance

We held to the bone
of fact, while the
marrow escaped our
grasp, and the seasons
spun out of the radiant
center of the pupil,
falling into the lexical
gap, a lyrical trap,
the black shoes march
the narrow boulevards
of oblong markets
and obsolete tram-cars,
and flittering past
the light of the stars,
the apex of andromeda,
intertextual dialogue,
winking glow of CRT
labyrinth, a mobius
horse-shoe of shifting
luck and hyper-
real radio waves,
resonant antennae of
lucid metaphysic, an
oriflamme of unchecked
desire, a forge
without fire.
Of order, and fate,
chosen, of words
thought - not spoken.


to walk away or to
exercise discretion
is to read or
to curl in lieu of
an apple to
dream away limn
or mine towards any
other than this dance
nor negate
nor forgive
oneself not/or
the many multiples of self tree
or bird
neither this nor that
flying as you imagine
spinning my own
opening the pages
of the book
is beside yet
the point





are then

wretched will, ya?

take the bowl



then it


just a


pant leg (sss)

let's call him steve

I worked with a guy, let's call him Steve
who had one of these Napoleon

He was six inches shorter than me
and was full speed ahead
with his chest out
like the cock
of the walk and he'd fly
off the handle at every imagined slight

but not all his bluster
can be explained using height, the coke
had something to do with it

and I wasn't crazy about that job
but I still got it
along with my own ways to cope.

Poetry and pot are more fun than coke.

In(side, where ruder anima(tion or ions displaced)ls call)ter(ritory encircled by griots)act(ining through the first pass)ion(of the of the).
xanaxpop: mobile poem blog


So, Lil - - -

I like pack
[aging] mule
stiff along
part reason
able trump
card [carry]
shining dish
par [fait] accomp
li of a mind
vanish pre

Olvera St. & Plaza (martial -)

(plastic direction none)

as ideal unmade

divided in 2's

"slapped & extend

(d)" now conscious

as project dumb

(ile)(inside) (ed)

J's this essential

agency broke 'n

severed no part

and "so red


so lets trust desire and tumble at each other feet

give rewards, rebates and ladder themes

if the heaven above

is key to the stars

if heavens on the shelf

away from the dangers of the iron forge

away from the faded phoenix and shadow show

speaking of last minute things

as if this or just stuff

then nothing

what if the what ifs, is

nothing more than more golden fleece

what if the fire melts steel and shatter glass

what if there are two worst things then that

unable to be ignored by threat or therapy

a clamor sink hole near a makeshift yellow alert

a straw mat made of plastic

your lover not inflated

and grace is nothing but low gear

2nd and Rose (bank rupt cy 'd)

(tion) hearing intimate
idiot, we
deuce when the
blanks space,
in dividing them
suffers them,

it" transversal line
glove tows
can rattling supper
(lament) concrete
burning volunteer who

gives the
soup "cream it
(divided) mushroom,
one another will
of worth

joy around 'ice
adjusted to

established area eat
wealth (en)
'way (s) in


18 songs for fiddle.

Bonaparte Crossing the Alps.
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine.
Bonaparte Crossing the Rockies.
Bonaparte's March.
Bonaparte's Grand March.
Bonaparte's Retreat.
Bonaparte in a Knapsack.
Bonaparte in a Mexican Restaurant.
Bonaparte's Advance.
Bonaparte's Charge.
Bonaparte's Defeat (Claoid Bonapairt).
Bonaparte's Expedition.
Bonaparte's Hornpipe.
Bonaparte's March into Russia.
Bonaparte's Return From Moscow.
The Grand Conversation of Napoleon.
The Battle of Waterloo.
Poor Old Napper.

is looking
off the hook?


satellite clocks from 1533

Now and then, graduated cylinder living with tape recorder
but marzipan around. For example, over snow indicates
that roller coaster near host living with girl.
Stalactites remain statesmanlike; senator of defendant returns home,
because about grand piano secretly admire turn signal about.
Indeed, clodhopper defined by fleet, towards the nocturnal,
collaborate,the neighbouring room, amount, berlioz listened with.
Upsetting, the visitor winked, dialogue, it is hard.
To seduce particle accelerator toward
bind differentiable Isadore.


Pauline, d.1869

La belle Pauline
would outlive them all
died at 90 in a Paris apartment
surrounded by uncaged birds
and monkeys

and what did two years in Egypt mean to her
once her hair had turned grey
and Napoleon was just a bit of flesh
floating in alcohol?

She, who was once Cleopatra
and had a rose-petal face?

Satanists for Bush '04

nobody drink to support the movement
of Valentine's as if --

do not drink the cheek --
doesn't have a name, but I don't.

a system of convex history is a drink
without names? I'm the doctor of this
cold world, where some children without
names go supperless in dark distant


what's the difference between a tree

and a man?


I need to tell you string ministrone

But they need to remember how overwhelmingly
globule over leaves. When you see ocean of,
it means that shadow near beams with joy.
Jeannie, the friend of Jeannie
and trembles with grizzly bear
inside tuba player.
Necromancer for panics,
and taxidermist related to
ignore cowboy around impresario.
Chortle at bandwagon emissivity derate muzak



I bled a few drops of lies
moistening the rye bread
toasted in rays of your sunshine

I've always loved the crunch
of deception


snap judgment

precedes inevitable volley
to relax:
warns | warms | warns that
*leisure's not enough*
the praxis half-
divulges speech
prior to and toward
a thin-though-not
abrasive reach

that rinses it.
meaning the metronome
will filter through rain days
also color hovering
as craft across the days |
the affidavit | the ensconced
view tumbled in a wash . . .

pendular branches comb
the atmos- [t]
[terra] sphere and firm
least sum of squares

undying latitude works rooms
and seasoned blooms approximate
this visceral shrill-seeming harbor

glassed beneath the V of young old middle birds
vying through no mist at all


The human race is never free,
The last judgement will take place on the street,
Let the trumpeting angels come.

2nd and Rose (beating rifts)

equipoise absent 'd an erection
washed gutter blood "you for pulled rot 'lemma (s) 'nvigorating defines limits"
arm tingles left 'cipiate eyes red caressing street isn't "Rose" instants rather

he has controlled
saying 'peutic display sun today isn't nor to shivered
transference trauma sixteen doors trace of ed (ish) in Broadway (ference)