New Apparition Poems: 1.31.14


Over smoky bar-
room nights, finished
in several half-forgiving
beds, were piths of blood,
corrupted air hovering,
noting I seemed
remorseless? Either
way, I suppose, you
sin if you think you
sin, and I say maybe,
scatter November leaves—


I collected light—
blue, red, green—
projected it over
& around me,
showered, put
on clothing, it
was 8:00, I was
ready to go,
a lady picked
me up in verse,
we went to dance
in prosody, got
there in a hearse,
now I recollect
all this light in
spite of death’s
curses in our
direction— two-
step, one broken.


there is a blush
that comes once—
when you know you
don’t know what’s
come. it’s new, this
“in,” it rounds, in
fullness, & means
you know love as
being no dream.
you sleep into it,
you sleep later,
past then— pure red.


Poems are not made
for the classroom,
because if they are made
at all, if they be poems
and not nuggets of faux
gold, destined for Styx,
looking them selves
over in prurient self-
hatred, there is fleshliness.
Poems are what they are,
but they must be this.
This, he says, is what
a poem will not become
once feeling has left the
room, taking with it a
milligram of Valium,
so that it may sleep
undisturbed by potency.


I suppose she told you how I
landed between her parted red
inhibitions like a rogue black plum.
Well, yes, you could say it happened

that way. You could also say she
sold me on the idea of veined trade,
or that her musky Scotch breath
excreted wafts of red bloodiness

into me. I promise you, it was
nothing like you heard. There is
no stain here. It’s just impulses I
reside in, like torn weeds cling to

rocks. I just know I like the part
where her skin is peeled, parted.


guido monte, "history of the world"


Comment of the author: this is the shortest blending poem ever written, only the first biblical letter of Genesis 1:1 – the “Beth” (on the Kabbalah it’s written it was necessary to begin with the second letter of the alphabet, not the first, because of the state of imperfection of the world), and the last letter of the Greek alphabet, Omega, that denotes the end of everything (Book of Revelation, 22:13)
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