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Adam Fieled & Melissa Floyd (Sodano), 2001

Yudu Philadelphia

The following images have been saved from Yudu onto the Wayback Machine: Siren's Silence, Fall 1998, Vol. 2 No. 3, cover (Brian Willette), Clean (Adam Fieled, P. 22 SS Vol. 2 No. 3), American Writing: A Magazine, Issue 21, cover, Icarus In New York (Adam Fieled, P. 37 AW #21). And from Ode On Jazz, PFS @ Highwire 11-30-04, Gyan chap Keats/Fieled cover.


From Siren's Silence Fall '98, Vol. 2 No. 3: Clean (Adam Fieled)


Jessica and Jennifer Strawser

“People who write, know: what you tap into when you write can be an anticipation of circumstances in your life yet to come. Turns out I wrote She Disowned My Life in the fall of 1995, in my dorm room (322 Holmes Hall) in North Halls (the artists’ dorms on campus), in State College, Pa, while attending Penn State. Musically, I was thinking both Big Star (who I had discovered that summer via my friend Steve Kurutz) and early Elvis Costello, who liked to write, early in his career, in the key of E. What was I writing about? It seems to me, with twenty years’ hindsight, I was tapping into what was about to happen in early ’96; my first long-term relationship, almost a marriage, with Jennifer Strawser. Not to get catechistic, but did she disown my life? Sort of; we were just kids, but she was looking for a sense of intensity about her and total dedication that I didn’t always have to offer, and when we broke up in the fall of ’96 (I was “disowned”), that was one salient reason. Fast-forward a dozen years: I brought the song to the Eris Temple to record in ’07, having had it in my back pocket for an extended period of time, and booked drummer Pete Leonard, who had played in my high school band, to do the session. The day of the session I felt rather unhinged about what was going on. It sounded chaotic and messy to me. Another writer’s quirk, especially when music is involved: you can’t hear a goddamned thing when you’re too close to what you’ve just done. So, whatever I was tapping into when we were recording (probably my break-up with Mary Harju six months after), the recording was shelved for eight years. Eight years, and I finally see that Matt, Pete, and I stumbled onto a new kind of rock magic that day in North-West Philly. Now, the song is officially out, twenty years after I wrote it.”

Siren's Silence Fall '98: Vol. 2 No. 3 (Cover)


Yudu Analogue Black-Outs, don't you?


Stain Bar Variation #2